What Is The Digital Brand Masterclass?

The Digital Brand Masterclass is the UK’s only hands-on brand-building workshop conducted by leading Personal Branding Expert, Dwayne Kerr.

In today’s economy, it is paramount to have a professional and functional online presence, yet most individuals and businesses fail miserably to comply with the high demands of a modern brand. This is costing UK businesses millions in lost revenue.

Sadly most current websites fail to achieve their primary objective: to create qualified leads for their business. This is where Dwayne Kerr’s knowledge comes to the rescue. For the last seven years, Dwayne has helped hundreds of individuals not just build powerful online brands, but also use the latest marketing strategies to guarantee the best results possible for their business.

The well-structured workshop will guide you through proven processes to produce all the key ingredients to have your iBrand created. This includes a session with award-winning portrait photographer David King as part of the workshop.

The workshops are conducted in small groups to ensure a high level of interactivity and coaching from Dwayne Kerr and his team. Meticulously planned exercises throughout the workshop engage delegates at a deep level of emotional thinking and bring to fruition breakthroughs regarding their business, direction and purpose.

The peer-to-peer support in exercises like strapline creation and choosing your banner photograph are invaluable. From the feedback collected, delegates have unanimously agreed that the breakthroughs during the course could have not been achieved without the support of the group and guidance of the team.

What you will achieve

At the end of the course, after just three short and entertaining days, you will hold in your hands all the information to create a powerful online brand. This will enable you to finally launch your successful online presence. Here are some of the highlights of what you will walk away with:

A professional photograph

Taken by award-winning photographer David King, the photo is specifically taken to work with your Personal iBrand Website, and is chosen by the group to guarantee maximum congruence with your message.

A powerful strapline – your ‘promise’

Following a proven four-step process, that includes all three components of the Business Growth Formula, we encapsulate your business within twelve words or fewer. This breakthrough exercise alone will give you a newfound clarity and focus worth multiple times your investment.

Your perfect domain choice

Many people have registered one or multiple domains without considering its strategic value and purpose. You will have the right domain registered on the day and if you already own your perfect domain we will give you guidance on how to exploit this valuable online property.

A compelling and strategic ‘About Me’ page

Research has shown that visitors spend more time on the ‘About Me’ page than any other. This is why it’s paramount you have your ‘About Me’ page completed to our tested formula. What to share and what not to share will become crystal clear in this exercise.

A short and powerful ‘Earn the Right’

You will follow our proven formula, successfully tested by hundreds of students in the Business Growth Academy. The process is so natural yet so powerful that you will have a convincing way to influence people in just 30 seconds. Prepare to be amazed.

Your own ‘Authority Home Page’

Home pages have been misused since their arrival on the internet. At iBusiness Mastermind, we have come up with a process that will not just convince people of your expertise, but also draw them into your page making them want to know more about you. It is distinctly different from the ‘About Me’ page – an important difference most people don’t understand.

An optimised Social Media profiles

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the social media heavyweights and it is shocking to see how many people carelessly waste this goldmine of an opportunity. Using the essence of the previously created strapline combined with some valuable additions from your authority home page you will create social profiles that will bring you results – namely targeted followers.

The right website template for your personal brand

The look and feel of your website is the first and most important gateway. If your site fails this first test, your visitor is gone – often forever – only to fulfil his need by buying from your competition! This is why it’s crucial you choose the right colours, typefaces and template to fit your business and purpose. Armed with your photo, strapline and other content we will easily identify the right template with you.

Your own ‘Free Report’ outline

One of the key lessons of being online is that we need to share value without spending our time. This is what the ‘Free Report’ has been able to achieve for many years and it is, to this day, one of the best ways to create authority. This exercise will help you create a laser-sharp outline and headline for your report that will be the envy of your competitors.

**Places At The Digtal Brand Masterclass Workshop Are Strictly Limited And Available By Application Only.**

To Request An Application Form Please Contact us Via Dwayne@AskDwayneKerr.com