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Dwayne and students

From The Desk Of
Dwayne Kerr
Monday, 8:23 A.M.

Dear Friend,

PPC (Pay Per Click) has made me rich.That’s a fact!

If you have been involved with online marketing for more than 6 minutes, somebody must have said to you by now that PPC is good way of getting visitors to your website.

And that’s 100% right. But they are normally frustrated marketers who...

  • Have not made a penny online...
  • Spend way too much on their marketing budget, and...
  • Most likely hoping you can tell them the how to.

Well none of the three scenarios fit me.

But guess what? My whole PPC marketing used to suck and I really mean suck! Then due to a chance meeting with an offline business person who believed in my internet skills talked me into doing their PPC, everything changed...overnight.

Now I didn’t think that I could do PPC that well, and tried to do everything to get out of this chance to work with this business person. But after a while of talking everything started to click and I then noticed I knew tricks that would make any PPC account profitable.

"PPC is About Measuring Results
And The Number Will Never Lie!"

There’s a good chance what I’ll be telling you may be the TOTAL opposite of what other "gurus" and experts say.

Even if your the World’s biggest skeptic, YOU can’t argue with the facts, numbers and results. I want to share a *proven* system that works when followed.

Until recently the secret to using PPC ads has only been in the hands of a few hardcore underground internet marketer and top marketing consultants who you have to get a mortgage to afford.

I know this as I became one of those consultants after getting great Pay-Per-Click results.

"Don’t Waste Your Time And Lose Sales
On Low Quality Visitors to You Website"

I don’t want to be a doom monger but people are literally hemorrhaging cash on a monthly basis. They’re depressed and feel it’s their own fault - or worst - that they shouldn’t have got involved in internet based marketing in the first place - they were never cut out for marketing.

While it can seem complicated and painstaking to construct an efficient marketing campaign, most of the work simply boils down to a few fundamental principles which need to be understood in depth and then implemented.

So what if I were to show you how  I’ve consistently managed to bring down my clients’ marketing costs by over 50%?

What if at the same time I was able to show you how  I’ve DOUBLED THEIR TRAFFIC AT THE SAME TIME ?

What if I were to show you how to copy your competitors’ campaigns, secretly transform their results, at a fraction of what they’re paying, ALL TO YOUR BENEFIT?

How much more confident would you feel knowing that  you are running a scientifically optimized, tried and tested campaign?

"Give Me 90 Minutes And I'll Hand You My Proven
Blueprint For Super-Responsive PPC Campaigns"

Instead of spending thousands for a top internet marketing consultant to glance over your Pay Per Click campaign, how much more successful would you and your business be if you yourself had implemented the techniques that I have battle-tested on my own marketing campaigns?

What if you could then use those techniques not just once, but time and again?

By applying these secret strategies across your entire business portfolio, you'll be making the massive income you've always promised yourself.  

You’re probably thinking - why is this guy who can already earn a daily rate in excess of $2,000 going to help me transform my business?

And I know what you mean. From my point of view it IS like turkeys voting for Christmas. I 'fess up all my secrets and you don’t need to pay me my consultancy fee!

"So Why AM I Doing It?"

Simple! I’m making enough cash already! I’m already making more than enough cash from selling various products on the internet, affiliate programmes, my consultancy, from giving talks, from my informational products and now - only because I’ve been inundated with requests -I ’ll be virtually giving away my best strategies to you when you invest in Paid Traffic Mastery!

"Marketing IS Business"
Jay Abraham

Many people have only recently cottoned on to the fact there’s a vast fortune to be made in them there internet hills. Those smart enough realise that they can transform their whole business - not just by implementing internet marketing but by copying the internet marketing principles and applying them.

In Paid Traffic Mastery we’re looking at cutting-edge strategies that will make you a small fortune.

See what others are saying about us

In this training I'll show you my exact 'battle-tested' formula for getting traffic

"Excellent course - covered huge amounts of stuff that I could use straight away to make money quickly online."

Alan Jones

Mobility Shop

"The information provided was excellent and very relevant to starting off with internet marketing."

Tony White


"I have been using Dwayne's system for over two years now, not only has it worked diligently on my account and my lead generation has increased over 200%. Thanks Dwayne"

Karen Edwards

UK Homebuyer Services

Was an eye open for a total beginner. Everything was easily explained concise and I went away feeling confident I can put into place all I was taught. Thank you"

Philip Noble

Project Management Consultant

"Dwayne has excellent knowledge of the internet, if you need to get more traffic to your site then Dwayne has the techniques to help you."

Michael Young

Event Manager

"Dwayne is an excellent, informal yet focussed presenter. I picked up more tips and good advice in 3 hours than I had on a weekend event. He has a great skill expressed in one word - FOCUS- Thanks a lot Dwayne."

Andrew Hardy

Christian Quaker

"If You're Not Taking Advantage
Of These Marketing Techniques -
You're Leaving Money On The Table...
...And It Is That Simple"

We also have the proof in numbers.

If you're not using these Paid Traffic Mastery techniques, then you're not getting the website traffic that you could and should be getting.

I can guarantee personally that with more targeted visitors to your website from Paid Traffic Mastery your COULD increase sale at your site.

I've used there secrets in many of my client and my business and it has always worked like gang busters.

That now beg the question... just what can access to this level of really be worth?

So that question of "worth" is really about how much you want to make online.

Look Over My Shoulder As I Take You
Through Paid Traffic Mastery Training

Core Training

Module 1

This is the core training of the Sneaky PPC Tricks, where I take you through all the proven Sneaky Tricks which have been testing in many markets.

You have full control over the videos including pausing and rewinding letting you discover all the tricks my student an I use everyday in your own time.

Yes, we give you in depth training on exactly how you can use these tricks in your business because you want results and it's what we give. 

Keyword Discovery

Module 2

“Get your web site to appear when customers type in keywords” 

•How To Find Your Most Lucrative Keywords  

•How To Hunt Down The Keywords Of Your Competitors  

•How To Determine Exactly Which Keywords To Start Your Campaign With  

•Why You Need To Think Like Your Visitor  

•How to Avoid The Fatal ‘Google Slap’  

Ad Creation

Module 3

 “How to write Highly Persuasive Advertising Copy”

•The Inner And Outer Game Of Ad-Writing  

•How To Re-Write PPC Ads That Have Been 'Google Slapped'  

•How To Make Your Ads Relevant To Your Visitor  

•How To  Split Test Ads For High Click Through Rates 

Account Blueprint

Module 4

“How to Set up Your Account & Campaign”

•How To Optimise Your Account Settings  

•Campaign Foundations  

•Best Practices  

•The Elements You Must Include In Every Campaign  

•Adgroups: Fundamentals  

Campaign Growth

Module 5

“How to Improve Your Campaign”

•The When And How Of Contextual Ad Networks  

•Geographic Targeting  

•How to Improve Your Cost per Click  

•The Importance of Your Web Site  


Module 6

“How to scientifically measure your results”  

•How To Make The Most Of Analytics: Analysis  

•Tracking Conversions: Analysis  

•Tracking Codes: Web Site Placement  

"Paid Traffic Mastery Will At Least DOUBLE Your
Targeted Visitors To Your Website Or I'll Pay You $200 Cash!"

If you don't get at least DOUBLE the visitors to your website, just contact us by email within 30 Days, A FULL MONTH and I'll buy back the training for $200 cash. ($3 more than I charged you to start with)

And I WILL insist you keep the Paid Traffic Mastery for just giving  a fair evaluation.

That leave one question, will you act quick enough to get your copy before they're all gone? Because...

"You'll Also Get These Cool Bonuses"

For a limited time only, you get all these bonuses when you buy the course today

Fast Start Internet Training

Bonus 1

FORMAT: Streaming Video 

These step by step videos take you through the exact steps to setting up a profitable website in under 60 minutes.

You get in depth instruction on how you can have a Fast Start when getting a website up.

$97 Value

Niche Research Report - Mini Course

Bonus 2

FORMAT: Instant Access PDF & Streaming Video 

This is a step by step system that will find the right niche for you every time... guaranteed!

With the videos you can pause, rewind then re-play to your heart content. And use the PDF as an additional reference when choosing your profitable niche.

$97 Value

Group Teleseminar Session

Bonus 3

FORMAT: Over the phone 

In this teleseminar you'll get to work with Dwayne on your business and website goals. The call will be recorded as an mp3 so you can burn your session to a CD or play it on your mp3 player, which ever you pick is up to you.

You can listen to your the training session while walking, driving, on the plane or working out. This give more ways to absorb your session.

$127 Value

"Only 500 486 Copy Of Paid Traffic Mastery 
Will Be Released In This Promotion Period"

Normally I hold advanced training courses like this back and only give access to my highest level students. But occasionally, I do release training like this to the public...

...but in a very limited quantity.

And in this case, I'm only releasing 500 copies of this course to be distributed before it gets returned to the vault that only my "Inside Track" members (my highest level membership) have access to this.

"Inside Track" is limited to 1000 members, so between the "Insider" members and the 500 "outsiders" who receive access to the training, that leaves just 1500 people who know of these tricks.

This is not enough people to do any damage to the tactics, and to tell the truth I could allow up to 2000. But I'm not planning to take that risk.

To be honest, I make LOTS more money using the tactics than I do teaching them, so once the 500th copy is bought it's returning to "the vault" where it belongs.

Now you have been warned, please don't run crying to us is you procrastinate and get left out. In fact, you need to right now CLICK HERE and claim your copy before they are sold out...

You've been warned! No cry babies if you procrastinate.

Ready to take action today?

$197  $497

Cart open for a limited time only.  Get Access Now!

See what others say about Dwayne's trainings

In this training I'll show you my exact 'battle-tested' formula for getting traffic

Fiona Mackay

Dr David Harwood

Henrik Brandin

Eileen Bowley

Richard Charlton

James Thomas

Bernard Hassbroek

Stephen Thomas

"Remember, Paid Traffic Mastery Is Guaranteed
To Increase Your Web Traffic By 200% or More"

P.S. You have everything to gain. Paid Traffic Mastery is 100% guaranteed to work for you or I will buy it back for $200. You have nothing to lose. The risk is on my shoulders.

There is not a faster and easier way to learn what is really working. So what's holding you back? Claim your copy of Paid Traffic Mastery today CLICK HERE

Paid Traffic Mastery 
Is Real and So Are We

P.P.S. Just so you can see that I’m a real person like you and run multiple online businesses. Here’s the info on my company:

4 Sydney Place
Bath Spa

If you have any questions about my Inside Track Club or "Paid Traffic Mastery" send us an email Team@AskDwayneKerr.comTeam@AskDwayneKerr.com  .

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When will I get access to the course?

You will get access to the members area as soon as you purchase, even if it's 3am in the morning.

Everything takes place inside of a private password protected members area. In the members area we will upload the recordings, and post the workbooks/slides.

How long do I have access?

We will keep the members area open for a minimum of ten years. You have unlimited access to the content which includes the recordings and workbooks. 

When we hit 500 members we will “archive” the sales page which simply means no new members, but you’ll still have access to EVERYTHING in the members area for as long as you need it.

Do these strategies work in my niche?

Yes! These strategies don’t leverage traditional techniques so they apply to the majority niches. We have used these exact strategies to get customers for many different niches ranging from magic tricks to dog training. So no matter what your niche is there is a strategy that will work for you.

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