The Business Growth Accelerator is the leading 3-Day Live Training Course of from Dwayne Kerr for Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Property Investors and Business Owners who want to create a 100k+ Business within the next 12 months, doing what they enjoy and love working part-time.

Here are the SIX reasons why it’s IMPORTANT you position yourself as a successful publicly-recognised Business or Brand in your niche industry…

1. You Will Attract MORE Clients 

By positioning your self as an Expert you will no longer have to chase prospects who don’t want to hear from, make cold-calls to people not interested in your business. Preferably, you will ATTRACT a WAVE of new qualified clients who are desperately wanting to work with you and no one else. Leaving you the simple ‘task’ of ‘choosing or picking’ whom of these people you would like to take on as your clients!

2. You Will Attract MORE Money 

When you’re positioned as an Expert you’ll no longer need to be the ‘Wal-Mart’ of your industry, by heavily discounting your products and services just to get ANY kind of business. Instead, you will inevitably ATTRACT high-quality clients who are willing and CAN AFFORD to pay high-fees for your knowledge and expertise.

3. You Will Have MORE Influence

When you’re positioned as an Expert you’ll no longer need to beg and plead for favours from Joint Venture partners or go to extreme lengths just to persuade someone to buy your products. Instead, people will approach you CONSTANTLY with offers to work together, speak at public events or appear in the media as an expert in your field.

4. You Will Need LESS Selling

When you’re positioned as an Expert you’ll no longer need to memorize the book of ’101 Sneaky Sales Tricks’ just to sell your products and services. While there’s still an important place for selling, as an Expert you will instead be doing much more educating, advising and consulting. As a result, you can expect your fees to SKY-ROCKET and your income to breakthrough to 6 and even 7 FIGURES per year!

 5. You Will Need LESS Work

When you’re positioned as an Expert you’ll no longer need to constantly keep chasing each brand-new flavour-of-the-month online tactic that does nothing but destroys your productivity and focus. Instead, you’ll have a ROCK-SOLID strategy that will generate ALL THE MONEY YOU WANT – and continue to do so – no matter what technological ‘distractions’ come and go…

 6. You Will Achieve LONG-TERM SUCCESS

When you’re positioned as an Expert you’ll no longer need to go through the pain and expense of constantly seeking NEW clients, day-in-day-out. Instead, you’ll experience the most important and life-changing part of a true ‘Expert’ business – REPEAT transactions and a SKY-HIGH ‘Lifetime Customer Value’.

You see the REAL money in almost all businesses is the ‘back-end’, that includes and every purchase made by a client with you AFTER their first. I’ve worked, and continue to work with, many clients for YEARS

…and at the Business Growth Accelerator, I plan to reveal exactly HOW I did it and HOW you can do the same.

But why should you listen to me?

If you don’t know me my name’s DwayneKerr and I’ve been making a full-time living online since 2005. I’ve directly helped hundreds (and indirectly thousands) of people start a new business or achieve amazing improvements in their existing business by leveraging the power of the internet and becoming publicly-recognised EXPERTS.

In July 2010 just one of my product launches, The Social Media Blueprint Program, made over $100,000 online in less than 30 days.

In 2011 and 2012 I’ve launched TWO brand-new, from scratch, mid-six-figure-per-year marketing and business coaching programs for new start-ups AND experienced entrepreneurs.

In 2012 I launched the iBusiness Success Academy coaching program, including my Flagship ‘Mastermind’ program and have been proud to help multiple ‘real-world’ businesses DRAMATICALLY improve their profits and even start six-figure businesses from NOTHING

In fact, many of them are now following in my footsteps by successfully selling low to high price strategically-positioned products and services to an affluent client base, even in today’s climate of so-called economic gloom & doom…

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So, here is an Exclusive Invitation and a Bold PROMISE…

“Finally, You Can Gain MORE Respect, Become Known As A Genuine Expert AND Charge Higher Fees …All In Just A FEW Hours Over One Weekend At The Expert Success Accelerator Event!”

When you leave The Business Growth Accelerator Event you’ll be READY to…

  • INSTANTLY become a recognised expert in your field
  • DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the competition
  • FILL your sales funnel with leads
  • CRAM your appointment book with a wave of new and repeat clients
  • SIT BACK as clients effortlessly come to you rather than endlessly have to be chased before they will even sign up…
  • ENJOY a whole new financial lifestyle as you finally attract clients that are excited to pay you what you’re really worth

In fact, I GUARANTEE that in just 3 days you’ll walk away with a complete blueprint for how to get your message out, make a BIGGER impact, attract MORE and BETTER clients, and finally get paid the kind of money you know you deserve.

So… Let Me Introduce You To The Business Growth Accelerator Training Curriculum… 

Business Growth Accelerator Day 1

How To Create A Powerful Personal Digital Brand

Let’s face facts. In today’s world everyone Google’s each other’s name. And not only employers trying to find out background details on a job candidate. Recently one very successful property investor friend of mine had his prospective employee Google HIM and say ‘I can’t find you on Google, so who are you and why should I work for YOU?’

Here’s the REALITY… If you don’t own and control the top few positions of a Google search for your name then you will NEVER be perceived as a GENUINE EXPERT. Remember, you only get ONE CHANCE to make a positive first impression!

What’s WORSE than not being found at all, however, is when people find negative or less than impressive results about you after Googling your name…

In 2012 alone I’ve helped over 91 business owners and entrepreneurs TAKE CONTROL of their personal brand by helping them create their very high-quality online presence that positions them as a credible, respected and trustworthy EXPERTAnd The Expert Success Summit is YOUR opportunity to join them!

On Day One of The Business Growth Accelerator alone, here’s what you’ll discover:

Module 1 – Clarify Your Vision

  • How To Define Your Ideal Business Model
  • How To Design Your Future Lifestyle
  • How To Choose The Right Customer

Module 2 – Create Your Online Avatar

  • How To Create A Powerful Website For Your Personal Brand
  • How To Leverage Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand
  • How To Use Reputation Management To Protect Your Personal Brand

Module 3 – Claim Your Expert Status

  • How To Credibly Position Yourself As An Expert
  • How To Make Your Expert Positioning 100% Unique
  • How To Leverage Social Proof To Reinforce Your Expert Status

Business Growth Accelerator Day 2

How To Produce Profitable Products

The main reason I’ve been able to generate millions of pounds in sales over the years is that I’ve learnt how to produce powerful products that people actually WANT TO BUY. This long list includes just about EVERY type of product imaginable including:

  • Online Products…
  • Physical Products…
  • Low-Priced Products…
  • High-Ticket Programs…

From selling products on autopilot online 24/7, through to doing multi six-figure launches and consistently selling high-ticket items – I’ve DONE THEM ALL – unlike many others who may ‘talk the talk’ but have never ‘actually done it’ themselves (…you’d be amazed!)

So, on Day Two of The iBusiness Success Accelerator, I’ll be sharing with you the latest and most valuable strategies, tips and techniques that you need to know about profitable product creation secrets, including:

Session 4 – How To Map Your Product Staircase

  • How To Design Your Strategic Framework
  • How To Define The Steps Of Your Product Staircase
  • How To Plan The Future Revenue From Your Product Staircase

Session 5 – Product Creation Secrets

  • Which Are The Best Product Creation Models For Maximum Leverage
  • How To Utilize Multiple Media To Add Value And Increase Sales
  • Which Sneaky Re-purposing Strategies You Should Always Use

Session 6 – Product Packaging Secrets

  • How To Radically Increase Perceived Value By Your Product Packaging
  • How To Create A Compelling Offer That Converts Again and Again
  • Which Product Sales Strategies You Need To Know in 2012 and beyond…

Business Growth Accelerator Day 3

How To Cultivate A Buying Audience

Very few people seem to understand that there are only 3 WAYS to make more money in your business…

1) Sell To More People

2) Increase The Average Transaction Size

3) Sell More Frequently To Existing Customers

Most business owners believe they need to focus solely on number 1 (sell to more people) whereas by FAR the easiest and most lucrative strategy is to focus on numbers 2 and 3.

On Day Three of The Business Growth Accelerator, you’ll discover the exact strategies, tactics and many real-world case-study examples of how to ATTRACT a highly profitable audience that wants to keep giving you money again and again and again!

Session 7 – How To Develop A Loyal Following

  • How To Get The Attention Of Your Prospects And Clients
  • How To Keep Them Paying Attention To Your Messages
  • How To Increase Their Attention And Increase Your Profits

Session 8 – How To Maximise Your Customer Revenues

  • How To Generate Insane Response Levels With List Segmentation
  • How To Multiply Your Profits With Multistep, Multimedia Campaigns
  • How To ‘Create Money From Thin Air’ By Tracking Measuring And Improving

Session 9 – How To Attract Profitable Partnerships

  • How To Attract An ‘Awesome’ Affiliate Network
  • How To Generate ‘Juicy’ Joint Venture Partners
  • How To Identify And Exploit ‘Six-Figure’ Strategic Alliances

**Please Note – Places Are STRICTLY Limited And Available On A First-Come, First-Serve Basis.**

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